Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Woo Hoo! Module One Passed!

Well, I guess that says it all really! I finally got my results for my first module and I'm relieved to say that I passed :-)

I got some really positive comments and I'm hoping to sign up for my second module soon. However, it's an expensive process so I need to be sure I can up my game for the next one before I commit. This has been a great learning journey so far and I feel it's really encouraged me to broaden my horizons and take on new challenges. Even if I have to wait a while before I continue I'm feeling a most surprising enthusiasm for sketching and drawing (I never thought I'd say that). The printing and fabric manipulation has also given me tons of inspiration and ideas.

After my driving test (yes, it took me 4 attempts to pass), this is the toughest thing I've taken on and I'm really pleased, obviously that I passed but I'm at least as amazed that I finished the course!

Hopefully there'll be more to come but in the meantime, I have plans to post more project-related "how-to's" and step-by-steps on my main blog, so hope to see you there!